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Sail Repairs 


New Sails
Sail Repairs
Roller Furling

FC Sails want to get you out sailing and keep you out sailing all summer long.  We want to take care of all you sail needs, so all you have to do is get on your boat and sail.    We also like to get out of the shop from time to time, so give us a call and maybe we can meet you at your boat.

- Re-stitching

- Re-cuts

- Roller furling conversions

- Holes fixed big and small

- Sail cleaning

Each spring someone comes in with a sail that has been eaten by mice.  We have seen damage done by chafe, sun, and age,  What ever the reason is we can take care of it.  Not sure whether your sail is worth fixing?  Let us take a look, we can give you an estimate for repair and provide you with a quote for a new sail.  This way you can decide which is your best option.


Last modified: 03/23/09