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FC Sails is the Upstate New York agent for Neil Pryde Sails

Neil Pryde has different types of sails to meet the needs of different sailors

Cruise - Crosscut Dacron sails that are built to Neil Pryde's strict specifications.  They are great sails and are able to meet the needs of most of our customers.

Cruise Plus - Crosscut Dacron sails that are reinforced in the corners and at every possible wear point.  These sails are built for the cruising sailor who plans to do extended cruising and wants their sails to be as rugged as possible.

Cruise Radial - Radial Cut Dacron sails that offer that extra performance that will provide a little better pointing ability and shape retention.

Performance Cruise - Sails built with cruise laminates.  They provide the performance of a racing sails with the durability of a cruising sail.

Premier - Racing sails manufactured with the latest in laminate technology.  Whether it's Mylar, Kevlar, or Pentex, Neil Pryde can make it for you.  We are able to build Tri-Radials with the latest laminates available, and Crosscuts using new crosscut laminates fabrics.  Give us a call and let us help you reach your maximum potential.


Last modified: 03/23/09